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The Learning Strategies Center is the central academic support unit at Cornell University that provides undergraduate students with tutoring, supplemental courses, and facilitated study groups for Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics and Physics. Assistance in improving general study skills is available through semester long courses, workshops, individual consultations, and web site resources.

Please visit the LSC at 420 CCC or call 255-6310.
Monday - Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Friday until 4:00 p.m.

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Study Skills Resources and Videos

Find out how to manage your time, read effectively, prepare for exams, reduce stress, reduce procrastination, read rapidly, make good use of office hours, and much more. Maximize your potential. Improve your study skills today!

Study Skills Videos
lank Fall 2015 Calendar: pdf version; Word version
Blank Weekly Calendar: pdf version; Word version

Find out the best ways to study biology, chemistry, physics, economics and mathematics. Get the information you need to get the most out of your studies. Click on the subject below to download a study guide.

Supplemental Courses

During the academic year we offer courses that are taught in conjunction with the large, introductory level courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. These courses meet weekly to clarify lecture material, provide tips for effectively learning the material, and prepare for exams.

Tutoring Program

Tutoring assistance is available for many courses offered at the University in biology, chemistry, economics, physics, mathematics, and statistics. Free walk-in tutoring is offered by LSC faculty and peer tutors. Detailed schedules are available from the Tutoring Program Web Page, at the Learning Strategies Center office in 420 CCC, and at college advising offices. Advice for students seeking tutoring as well as tutors can be found on the Tutoring Program Web Page.

Study Skills Workshops

Assistance with study skills is available through FREE workshops.

For information, contact Michael Chen,

Study Groups

The LSC coordinates peer-facilitated study groups for several courses each semester. For more information, see our study groups page.

Study Skills Course: HE1115 Critical Reading and Thinking

The goal of HE1115 is to help students succeed in their studies. We work in a practical, hands-on way on time management, learning styles, reading, notetaking, test preparation and other study skills. A reading lab is available for students who want to focus on increasing reading speed and comprehension.

Study Skills Consultation

Private consultations are available by appointment, and so are workshops for particular groups. For additional information, contact Michael Chen,

Study Skills Tutors

Study skills tutors are available to work with students on topics such as effective reading, time management, and note-taking. For additional information, contact Helen Ann Yunis,

Writing Assistance

Students seeking personalized help with writing can contact the Writing Workshop in 174 Rockefeller Hall, 255-6349.

Many thanks to Charlie Walcott and to the LSC lecturers, staff, tutors, study group leaders, and students who took part in making our videos!

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