Winter Session Workshop Courses

Winter 2024 Workshop Courses

Here at the Learning Strategies Center we encourage you to make time over winter break to rest and recharge, which can mean different things for different students. If you feel like your break would be most productively spent in non-academic pursuits then we support you! And, if you feel that you would benefit from extra preparation before the Spring semester starts, we support you too—read on to learn about our free winter prep workshops. All workshop courses are synchronous and online during the 3-week winter session.

This winter, the LSC is excited to offer three workshop courses. These opportunities are all free and not-for-credit. Similar to other LSC courses, they are taught by experienced instructors and are completely optional. Brief descriptions of the workshop courses being offered are below.

Calculus Prep Workshop Course

Organic Chemistry Preparation Workshop Course

Math Preparation for Physics Workshop Course

You can also check-out our always available asynchronous resources.