Studying and Taking Exams


cogsThis is the time of the semester when prelims and project due-dates start to draw near. The LSC has tips on how you can prepare:

Self-Enroll in the LSC Canvas Modules

The LSC’s Canvas module on Studying for and Taking Exams gives an overview of which studying strategies are effective — and which ones aren’t. The module will also help you make a study plan for your particular needs. Use this link to self-enroll in the module.

Effective Study Strategies

Things to Consider Before Your Prelims

  • Exam Logistics – Before you take the exam, make sure you know all the details and logistics (when, where, how, modality, etc).
  • Online Exam Checklist – Online exams present a unique set of logistical challenges, whether you are home or on-campus. Be prepared! Gather as much intel as possible about the testing format before the exam.
  • The Open-Book Exam – Though these might seem easier than in-person, they often are not. Discover a few strategies to prepare for an open-book exam.

Strategies for Test-Taking

  • How to Tackle Exam Questions – Strategies for different types of exam questions (e.g. multiple-choice, essay, etc…) and decoding exam questions.

Watch: LSC’s Mike Chen Shares “The Key to Tests”