Study Skills Workshops and Group Consults

Winter 2022 Study Skills Workshops

If you are looking for some new strategies to get your spring 2022 semester started on the right foot, you are in luck! In addition to the “How to Study” and “Time Management” ideas found on the LSC webpage, the LSC will offer five study skills workshops this winter session. Each workshop is ~60min, free, and will be held virtually via Zoom. Topics include: preparing for the semester, effective reading and studying from notes, videos, and textbooks, making the most of each class, test prep and test-taking tips, and best practices for the first week of classes.

Preparing for the semester

Date: Monday January 10th, 1 pm (ET)
Are you wondering how to set yourself for success this Spring term (and beyond!)? What are your long-term goals and what are the short-term goals that will get you there? What helps you keep a good life/school/work balance? Join us for an hour of discussion and tips! (REGISTER HERE)

Effective reading and studying from notes, videos, textbooks

Date: Monday January 10th, 3 pm (ET)
Do you feel like you have no time to read your textbook? Do you wonder how to take better notes when you’re watching a recorded lecture or video? What do you (and should you!) do with the notes you take? Join us for an hour of discussion and tips! (REGISTER HERE)

Making the most of each class

Date: Wednesday January 12th, 1 pm (ET)
How could you reduce the need to study mountains of material right before your prelims? The study cycle can help you save time (and learn material more effectively)! How? Join us for an hour of discussion and tips! (REGISTER HERE)

Test prep and test-taking tips

Date: Thursday, January 13th, 1 pm (ET)
There are different types of prelims. Some are multiple choice, while others are short-answer or essay. How can you prepare for these different types of tests? How can you minimize test anxiety? And, what should you do with a test when you get it back? Join us for an hour of discussion and tips! (REGISTER HERE)

Best practices for the first week of classes

Date: Thursday, January 13th, 3 pm (ET)
What can you do in the first week (or so) of classes to set yourself up for success? What are the pros and cons of changing courses once classes begin? Join us for an hour of discussion and tips! (REGISTER HERE)

NEW! Study Skills Tips from LSC Tutors!

Check out our study skills tips Youtube Playlist here!  Hear from LSC peer experts on academic success, preparing for exams, self-care, asynchronous classes, back to back or clustered exams, Zoom fatigue, and more!

How do I…

  • Work more efficiently?
  • Get more sleep?
  • Prepare better for prelims?
  • Manage Procrastination and Distractions?
  • Write papers without pulling all-nighters?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then request a study skills peer facilitated workshop, and get tips on how to perform better and get more done with less stress!  Contact Dr. Barbara Oh ( to get your unit, department, club, group, etc. set up!


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