LSC Scholarship

The Summer 2024 LSC Scholarship is closed — please check back at the start of the Fall semester for information on the Winter 2025 Scholarship

The primary objective of the Learning Strategies Center (LSC) Scholarship is to enable current, full-time Cornell undergraduate students to graduate on schedule by providing financial support to attend Summer or Winter Session at Cornell.  Although many students wish to attend Summer or Winter Session, limited funding restricts us to awarding scholarships to eligible applicants who receive Cornell grant aid and demonstrate both an academic and financial need. LSC Scholarships are for Cornell courses only, and cover the cost of  tuition.

Priority for scholarships is given in the following order:

  1. Seniors who need to fulfill requirements for graduation.
  2. Upper-class students who did not successfully complete a core course.
  3. Students who need Summer or Winter Session credits to place them on schedule for graduation.
  4. Students who need a course to fulfill requirements for getting into a major.
  5. Students who have been encouraged to moderate their course load by an advisor due to extenuating circumstances.
  6. Supporting students’ participation in a broad range of academic enrichment opportunities provided by Cornell.

The LSC Scholarship is not granted for academic acceleration / graduating early.   

Students must be nominated for the LSC Scholarship.  Please contact your nominator for more information:

AR:Jenn Michael

AS: Meet with your advising dean.

AG: Please contact the college advising team for more information.

DYSON: Reid Palmer

EN: Unaffiliated students meet with staff from the Engineering Advising Office; affiliated students meet with your department’s Undergraduate Coordinator.  Please contact Nadine Porter for specific information.

HA:  Please contact the college advising team for more information.

HE: Verdene Lee

ILR: Debbie Beausejour

SPP: Christie Avgar