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HE1115: Critical Reading and Thinking

Description: In this course students will gain greater awareness of how they manage their time and how they manage themselves. Through self-study, time tracking and self-reflection, students will examine their ways of doing things and practice different approaches to time management, improving sleep, managing stress, as well as a number of study skills, including test preparation, reading, note-taking, and writing and problem-solving efficiently and effectively.

Other topics students will work on include: mindfulness, growth mindset, procrastination, attention and neuroplasticity.

Credit: HE1115: Critical Reading and Thinking is a 2-credit course offered every fall and spring semester. Enrollment preference given to: freshmen and sophomores.

Additional information: Contact Flor Ardon, fa227@cornell.edu or Michael Chen, msc7@cornell.edu.

Math 1101: Calculus Preparation

Objective: Math 1101 is a preparatory course for Math 1106 and Math 1110. Classes meet two times per week for 50 minutes. There are no recitations. Structure of class is both lecture and active student participation.

Credit: Math 1101 is a 1-credit course (letter grade only). This course includes both precollege level mathematics and introduces topics from Math 1106 and Math 1110. Individual colleges should determine whether this course can be applied towards their college’s quantitative reasoning requirements.

Description: Calculus Preparation introduces a variety of topics of algebra and trigonometry, which have applications in various disciplines. Emphasis is on the development of linear, power, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. Students will have a better understanding of the behavior of these functions including asymptotic behavior and limits and their application to calculus, because of the strong emphasis on graphing. Calculus topics include limits, continuity, derivatives and extrema. Application of these mathematical ideas will be addressed in problem solving activities.

Download: Math 1101 Sample Syllabus

Additional information: Contact Doug Knowles, ddk62@cornell.edu.