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What should you do when you get your prelims back?

Do not just file it away! Your returned test is an opportunity to debrief and strategize!

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Successful students ask for help when they need it!

Learn more about office hours, tutoring, supplemental courses, study groups, tips, and more!

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Semester and Weekly Calendars

What calendar resources do Cornell students find helpful?

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How to use Office Hours

For help in your courses, visit office hours with your course instructor or TA (Teaching Assistant). Click for more info!

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Announcements & Events

Hands-On Workshop: Learning from Digital Texts

Join us on 3/16, 4:30-5:30p in Olin Library 106 G for a hands-on workshop about getting the most out of your classes’ digital texts. Discover tools for taking notes, organizing their learning, prepping for projects and papers, and studying for prelims.

You can still find a Study Partner for Spring 2023!

Studying with peers is an effective way to learn complex and challenging material and helps you connect with each other. Click to find out more!

LSC Resources Overview

The LSC is here to help!

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LSC YouTube Channel

Check out videos and playlists on study skills tips, the student experience, preparing for exams, the Cornell Notetaking System, managing your time, and more!

LSC Courses

LSC supplemental courses are taught in conjunction with large, introductory-level courses in chemistry, economics, math, and physics. Supplemental courses clarify lecture material and provide tips for effective learning. Expect lots of problem-solving at multiple levels of difficulty, and to learn more about areas you’ll need to focus on. LSC also offers courses that focus on study skills, calculus preparation, and statistics preparation. View LSC Course Schedules.