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Dr. Jones

Whether your courses are online or in-person, the LSC is here to help you get and stay organized and maximize your learning and growth as you navigate your Cornell journey. On this page you’ll find detailed information about the LSC’s academic support services—free for all undergraduates at Cornell—plus a wealth of ideas about how you can study most effectively.

Supplemental Courses

Supplemental courses are offered to support students in:

Chemistry 2070 and 2080, Chemistry 3570 and 3580, Economics 1110 and 1120, Math 1106, 1110, 1120, and 2210, BIOG 1440, BIOMG 1350 (Cell and Developmental Biology), Physics 1112 and 2213. LSC supplemental courses help Cornell students:

  • Evaluate and implement effective learning strategies.
  • Enhance their sense of agency.
  • Learn and practice effective problem-solving strategies.
  • Expand conceptual understanding of parent course material.

You can find more information on supplemental courses and the course schedule here.

Office Hours and Peer Tutoring 

The Learning Strategies Center provides FREE tutoring to ALL Cornell undergraduate students in:

BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1440, CHEM 1570, CHEM 2070/2080, CHEM 3570/3580, ECON 1110, ECON 1120, MATH 1106, MATH 1110, MATH 1120, MATH 2210, PHYS 1112, PHYS 2208, PHYS 2213/2214, Statistics courses (AEM 2100, BTRY 3010, HADM 2010, ILRST 2100, ILRST 2110, MATH 1710, NTRES 3130, PAM 2100, PSYCH 3500, SOC 3010, STSCI 2100, STSCI 2110, STSCI 2150, STSCI 2200), and Italian 1201, French 1210 and 1230, and Spanish 1120, 1210, 1230, 2000.

You can find more information on tutoring here and the schedule for office hours and tutoring here.

The LSC can help you with:

Explore the website for more information!

Need additional help with study skills?

The LSC provides additional support and resources to help students develop study skills.  We offer the following:

Check out our study skills tips Youtube Playlist here!  Hear from LSC peer experts on academic success, preparing for exams, self-care, asynchronous classes, back to back or clustered exams, Zoom fatigue, and more!

Find additional Support and Resources: 

For useful information, go to the Cornell COVID-19 updates page

The Learning Strategies Center is committed to ensuring access for all students.
Please email us if you have any questions or concerns about accessing our services.  

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