Online Exam Checklist

Online exams present a unique set of logistical challenges, whether you are home or on-campus. Be prepared! Gather as much intel as possible about the testing format before the exam. What will you do if your internet cuts out? If you can’t find a quiet space? If you are abducted by aliens during the test (this year you never know)? Planning for contingencies can make it less stressful when things don’t go according to plan.

Before your online prelim, take time to make sure you know the answers to these questions:

Do you know… Yes, no, or n/a If yes, what’s the answer? If no, how will you find out?
…how and when will you get access to the exam?
…what is the time limit?
…is there a date range for taking the exam?
…what is the format of the exam?
* Is it a word document, pdf, or other file?
* How many questions?
* Is it multiple choice? Will one question be displayed at a time, or multiple questions?
* Once you’ve answered a question will you be able go back to review answers?
…what technical issues do you need to consider?
* What kind of files will you need to upload and download?
* Will you need to use a lockdown browser?
* Once you’ve answered a question can you easily go back to review answers?
* What’s your plan for internet problems?
…can you take a practice exam in same format?
…is the exam proctored? How?
…where you need to go for help for issues with accessing, taking, or submitting the exam?
…what plans do you need to make that are unique to your situation (loud little sister, multiple exams, time zone, etc)?
…what is your plan for disciplined time management during the exam?
…how (and to whom) should you ask questions if you are confused by a question while taking the exam?

For a word document, click here: Online exam checklist


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