Productivity Power Hour

Harness the power of positive peer pressure in the Learning Strategies Center Productivity Power Hour! Come get work done in a quiet, supportive, facilitated environment with a structured, fun break. This is a great place to find motivation and get started on big projects. Meet your goals and stay on track! 

Productivity Power Hour operates in 30 minute blocks, where you can work in bursts for 25 minutes to get work done and take a 5 minute break to decompress. This will often be a quick, social break with something to do planned by the facilitators.

Spring 2024 locations and hours STARTING WEDNESDAY 2/7/24:

Wed 9-10AM, 119 Stimson

Thurs 9-11AM, 420 CCC

Thurs 11:30AM-12:30PM, 119 Stimson

Fri 4-5PM, 420 CCC

You can participate for any 30 minute period, please join at the hour or half-hour.

Looking for students in your class to study with? Check out LSC Study Partner Matching!

Productivity Power Hour was inspired by the work of academic support teams at Dartmouth, particularly their Get It Done program.