Start Strong!

Whether you are gearing up for a new semester or a new experience as a Cornell student, LSC has resources to help students start strong!

Whether you are new to Cornell or a continuing student:

Take some time to reflect on how your previous semester went.  Find some time to think about the following questions:

  1. What went well?  Think about what you did that was helpful to your success.  This is important so you can continue to use and adapt those strategies moving forward.
  2. What might you have done differently?  Is there anything you’d like to try differently this time around?  Tweak and adjust?  What is your plan to make the hard parts easier this time?
  3. Final thoughts – take a big picture look at how things went.  Celebrate your successes and identify your areas for growth.  There will always be opportunities to work smarter, not harder!

And, know where you can get help WHEN (not if) you need it!

Are you a continuing student (or just interesting in honing your study skills)?

Are you a new student to Cornell?

  • Take a look at our interactive module “Gearing Up for Academic Success” (available only to Cornell students). This module will help you be able to:
    • Identify important components of a syllabus
    • Define terms and a phrases used at Cornell
    • Explain a growth-mindset
    • List ways to get academic support at Cornell
  • Spend a few minutes learning the lingo! What’s a prelim? Who is an advisor and what do they do? What is this add/drop/withdraw/shopping period? Who are TAs? Use our Quizlet to learn some of the Cornell lingo.
  • The syllabus is your go-to resource to answer questions about your classes. Go through the Syllabus Checklist to learn more about your courses. The link will download a word document.
  • Office hours are a great place to get your questions answered! Learn more about how to use office hours.

Watch: What Does It Take To Be A Successful Student at Cornell?

Hear it from your peers! Check out successful students’ top 10 recommendations for starting strong!

Applying knowledge to new situations is a new way of thinking and learning for many students. Many students find they need to add new strategies and adapt existing strategies as they transition to Cornell; they need to change their game.  Sakeena Everett (AAP & CAS ’07; now Dr. Sakeena Everett, a faculty member at the University of Georgia!), shares her thoughts on “changing your game” to be successful at Cornell.