LSC Tutoring Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Tutors are supervised by subject-area specialists in biology, business, chemistry, economics, languages, math, and physics. Tutors are usually identified and offered positions before the semester they’ll start working; sometimes we have mid-semester openings. LSC tutors are typically identified and hired the semester before they start working. To find out if there are current opportunities to tutor a specific subject, please email with the subject line: “LSC tutoring inquiry – SUBJECT (Please fill in the appropriate subject. ie, Chemistry, Math, etc.).

What do LSC Tutors do?

LSC tutors facilitate students’ learning and help in LSC courses as needed. Here at LSC we see asking for help as a strength, and many of our tutors used LSC tutoring themselves!

The primary goal of LSC content area tutors is to help students understand course material and become independent learners who succeed in the parent course. The primary goal of LSC study skills tutors is to assist students as they enhance skills necessary for academic success.

What Training do LSC Tutors Receive?

LSC chemistry tutors working with students. (Pre-covid!)
LSC chemistry tutors working with students.

A hallmark of LSC tutors is that they are trained to help guide students to access their own knowledge rather than re-teach course material. LSC offers training and professional development to tutors in order to help them reach this level of expertise. All LSC tutors are required to attend regular training sessions. It is not required that tutors have a background in education coursework before they are hired, but they are expected to continuously learn and grow as educators both formally and informally. In order to evidence this, tutors should take ALS 2400 (Developing a Reflective Tutoring Practice) or another pedagogically-appropriate course.