Find Your Academic Groove

Being in your academic groove means you have found a routine that works for you- and you are sticking to it. You have discovered the just-right-for-you balance between academics and the other important things in your life, including self-care, and you are feeling good.

How do you get there?

Get your semester off to a good start! LSC’s resources can help you Start Strong!

What if you get derailed by unexpected life events? Be proactive! Before you need it, make Plans if You Need to Miss Class.

We use a lot of terms and acronyms here–get yourself familiar with Cornell Lingo!

If there are things getting in the way of you finding your academic groove, consider using LSC’s resources to help with Managing Time and Stress.

LSC resources can help you access the stamina toward the end of the semester to Finish Strong!

(If you are not familiar with the term to “be in the groove” you can see more here: