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We are currently away for the summer.

We will be back in Fall 2021!  Thank you!

LSC can help match you with study partners for your classes!

Find study partners! Form a study group! Studying with others is an effective study strategy, a great way to learn complex and challenging material, and can help you connect with peers!

If you are a current Cornell University student looking for study partners (in-person or online), then you are in the right place. The LSC can help match you with other students in your classes! This service is ONLY available to Cornell students.

For study partner FAQs, click here.

What are students saying about study partners?

LSC made over 1,000 study partner matches in Fall 2020! What do students find useful about studying with other students?

  • “Now more than ever, this one personal connection to the school was so important to keep me motivated and present.”
  • “It was helpful to just have a support system with another student especially in a course with such limited student interaction by default.”
  • “It helped me gauge how in depth I was supposed to know the material for my class, and it helps a lot to work together when you get stuck.”
  • “I learned a lot from just talking, seeing a different perspective in the class and building my own understanding on the topics.”

Study Partner FAQs

When will I get matched?
We’ll make the first set of matches by 2/12/21 and will do a second round again by 2/19/21. After 2/19/21, matches will be made on a rolling basis whenever possible and students may be added to an already-established group. We’ll be in touch if we are unable to make a match for the class(es) you request.

How will my partner(s) and I get organized?
You and your study partners will determine when and how to study together. Whether you will be studying together in-person or online, use the LSC’s tips for setting your group’s agenda and making the most out of studying together. New for Spring 2021! Your group may want to meet with an LSC study skills tutor to help facilitate introductions and get you launched. Self-enroll in the study skills tutors’ Canvas site to see when drop-in hours are held, you can show up any time that works for your group.

What does LSC base these matches on?
We strive to match students on modality—whether you’d prefer to study together in person or online, and we also try to take time zone into account.

What if my group doesn’t work out?
Sometimes matched students can’t find a time to meet that works for everyone, or one person is auditing and decides not to do group work after all, or someone drops the class, etc. If you’d like to request help with your group or even find new partner(s), please DO NOT fill out the webform again. Send an email to to let us know what’s going on, and we’ll try to help.

What about my privacy?
The information you provide on the request form goes to a secure Cornell Box folder. When we’re able to make a match we send an email to the Cornell net ids of the students who expressed interest in finding study partners for the same course. Due to privacy rules we are not able to disclose which classes the student(s) receiving the matching email are taking. It’s kind of odd, but your first group assignment will be to figure it out!

What if I am not able to sign up using the Google Form because I am in a location that does not allow access?
If you are a Cornell student working remotely and cannot access the Google Suite, please email us at

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