Managing Academics over Summer Break

1) Download the “Summer 2023 Work + Fun” calendar

Staying organized with work and academics starts with a calendar! The LSC is here to help you make a plan that lets you get your work done AND take a well-deserved break! Make sure you download our “Summer 2023 Work + Fun” calendar! (Google doc and PDF version, or downloadable Word doc and PDF version)

2) Explore ideas to take care of yourself and have fun 

Taking care of yourself means having some fun, and can improve focus for better work and studying. Be sure to plan in activities like exercise, hanging out with friends and family, watching TV, gaming, and doing things that bring you joy.  

Want some great ideas about taking care of yourself, and how to have effective study breaks? Check out Cornell Health’s resources: and 

3) Figure out your study space–where you will get work done?

Organize your space: You’re going to need to carve out a physical space to do your learning, especially if you are taking remote classes or you are not on campus with access to your usual study spaces. It might be challenging to find a spot at home that’s private, quiet, and has good internet access. What are some things to consider?

  • Find a quiet space (and negotiate with your family or roommates to help keep it a quiet space!).
  • Consider creating a dedicated study space just for learning. It can be tempting to sit on your bed or the couch, but a desk or folding table is ideal, especially if there’s  a nearby outlet, room for taking notes, and some privacy. If you are using a webcam, you will need good light, too.
  • Stay organized! Decide how you want to manage your desktop and electronic files, and schedule some routine tidying sessions to make it easier to stick with your plan.

4) Find others to study with

LSC will be offering study partner matching this summer! Studying with others is an effective study strategy, a great way to learn complex and challenging material, and can help you connect with peers! If you are a current Cornell University student looking for study partners (in-person or online), then you are in the right place. The LSC can help match you with other students in your classes!

5) If you are taking an online class

Check LSC resources about Learning Online and learn how you can learn most effective in an online environment.

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