Tips for Tutees


Getting the most from tutorial services!

The LSC tutors will help guide you through the process of understanding the subject matter. They will not do your homework for you or answer questions without challenging you to think.
To make the very most of your tutorial time with them, you should:

1. Study your textbook and lecture notes thoroughly and attempt the assigned problems before you go for tutoring help.

2. Try to identify specific questions or concepts you need to address during the tutorial session.

3. Expect the tutor to ask you questions about the material. They do this to find out what you understand, and to provide you with information and strategies tailored to your individual needs.

4. Be patient. Several students often come for tutoring at the same time. If the tutors are especially busy, you may have to wait a little longer for individual assistance. Use this time to study the material.

5. Expect the tutor to suggest general study strategies to help you improve your overall academic performance. These strategies will help in all of your courses.

6. Never wait until the day before the test or the day before an assignment is due to seek assistance. Study a few hours each day, and keep up with your assignments. It is EASIER to keep up than to catch up!

7. Use other resources such as your instructor’s office hours, TA office hours, study groups with your friends and the LSC Supplemental Instruction courses. (See our website for information on these courses.)

8. Keep a positive attitude about the subject and about your potential to excel. Your attitude will most often determine how well you do in the course.