Find Study Partners

LSC can help match you with study partners for your classes!

Find study partners! Form a study group! Studying with others is an effective study strategy and a great way to learn complex and challenging material.

If you are a current Cornell University student looking for study partners (in-person or online), then you are in the right place. The LSC can help match you with other students in your classes! This is ONLY available to Cornell students.

  • You must fill out the request form using the link below for EACH course you would like to find study partners for. If there are three courses, you would need to fill out this form three times.
  • You can only sign up to participate in a study group if you are enrolled in the course you indicate.
  • You will need to log in to your Cornell G Suite account to access this form.

Click the button below or the link here to fill out the form.  If you are a Cornell student working remotely and cannot access GSuite, please email the Learning Strategies Center

Sign up for Study Partners

You will receive an email from Learning Strategies Center with more information, usually within 3 days.

You and your study partners will determine when and how to study together. Whether you will be studying together in-person or online, use the LSC’s tips for setting your group’s agenda and making the most out of studying together.

Although we will do the best we can to match students up, the process is dependent on the number of students who sign-up and if others in your class are interested.

Looking for other places to get help and support? Check out our page, “Successful students ask for help when they need it!“.