Start Strong!

Whether you are gearing up for a new semester or a new experience as a Cornell student, LSC has resources to help students start strong!

  • Cornell students can enroll in our interactive module: “Gearing Up for Academic Success“. This module will help you be able to:
    • Identify important components of a syllabus
    • Define terms and a phrases used at Cornell
    • Explain a growth-mindset
    • List ways to get academic support at Cornell
  • What’s a prelim? Who is an advisor and what do they do? What is this add/drop/withdraw? Who are TAs? Use our Quizlet to learn some of the Cornell lingo.
  • The syllabus is your go-to resource to answer questions about your classes. Go through the Syllabus Checklist to learn more about your courses. The link will download a word document.
  • Office hours are a great place to get your questions answered! Learn more about how to use office hours.
  • Check out successful students’ top 10 recommendations for starting strong!

Watch: What Does It Take To Be A Successful Student at Cornell?

Applying knowledge to new situations is a new way of thinking and learning for many students. Many students find they need to add new strategies and adapt existing strategies as they transition to Cornell; they need to change their game.  Sakeena Everett (AAP & CAS ’07; now Dr. Sakeena Everett, a faculty member at the University of Georgia!), shares her thoughts on “changing your game” to be successful at Cornell.