Frequently Asked Questions – 2024

PSSP Scholars at the end of program awards ceremony.

If you are considering PSSP this summer, you probably have some question. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions. You can also reach out to your college admissions office or email us at

1. Is there a cost for the program?

The cost of tuition and fees, lodging, meals, textbooks, and transportation to and from Cornell are covered by the university.

2. Are there any significant costs to students for PSSP?

Students may be subject to covering the cost of Cornell health insurance. The University requires that all students carry adequate health insurance during the summer program. As a new academic-year student participating in an early start program, you will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Plan (SHP) for the duration of your summer program. Students who have alternate insurance that meets Cornell’s requirements may apply to waive their SHP enrollment. Please note that health insurance changes may not accurately be reflected on your bursar bill until August.

3. What courses do students who participate in PSSP take?

College advisors determine course schedules in advance, based on student needs and interests.

4. How do students get to and from Cornell for the summer?

The Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars Program (PSSP) makes travel arrangements for students living within the NYC metropolitan area. Students who live more than 300 miles from Ithaca will receive information about making flight arrangements. Students who live within 300 miles of Ithaca may choose to take the bus to Ithaca and get reimbursed for their round-trip bus fare. Students will be provided information with details about making travel arrangements.

5. What if a student’s high school graduation date is after PSSP starts?

Students will receive information on how to make arrangements for late high school graduation. Depending on the graduation date, students will either begin PSSP and return home for graduation or attend graduation and join PSSP late. Students will need to make these arrangements in advance.

6. Where do students live and eat, and can students choose their roommates for the summer?

The Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars Program will reside in a Cornell Residence Hall. The program provides students with all their meals in Cornell’s dining halls. Room assignments are made by the program and last only for the duration of the summer program. Roommates, suites, and bathrooms are assigned by gender.

7. How do students get around Ithaca and Cornell? Can students bring their cars?

Students may not bring cars to PSSP or ride in private automobiles. Students may choose to bring a bike. See for information about transportation around campus and Ithaca.

8. What types of clothes should students bring, and what about laundry?

Most days students will want to wear casual clothes. We will send students a detailed list of what to bring. Students should bring only what they’ll use during the summer, since PSSP has no space to store belongings between the end of PSSP and the start of the Fall semester. Students should bring laundry detergent and money to open a laundry account.

9. What bedding should students bring?

Students don’t need to bring any bedding. Sheets, towels, pillows, and blankets will be provided. Sheets and towels are cleaned by a laundry service on a weekly basis, paid for by the University.

10. What appliances should students bring?

Students are not allowed to bring microwaves, but there will be several available for use in the residence hall. Students may rent refrigerators and MicroFridges (combination refrigerator/freezer/microwave) for their rooms; orders can be made before arrival at Students should not bring TVs – residence hall rooms do not have cable or satellite capacity. There are TVs in common areas in the residence hall.

11. Should students bring computers?

Past PSSP students have reported that bringing their laptops was essential. While PSSP will have a limited number of laptops to loan during the summer, we find that students work best on devices with which they are most familiar. Students are responsible for the security of their own electronic devices.

12. Can students go home on weekends?

Students will be enrolled in rigorous courses and will need to spend weekends studying and participating in PSSP’s social and academic programs. If students do need to leave campus for a special event, they will need to submit a request for approval to the PSSP Director.

13. What about phone service?

There is cellular reception at most locations on campus. There are no phones in individual residence hall rooms.