ND Student Resources and Support

Neurodiversity @ Cornell: Resources and support for students

Canvas site specifically for students who identify as neurodivergent or have a diagnosis that fits under the neurodivergent umbrella. This “course” is a virtual hub with information about neurodiversity, different resources for Cornell students both on-campus and elsewhere (e.g., conferences, study abroad), information about relevant events, and a discussion board for you to engage with others. Cornell students who identify as neurodivergent can self-enroll in the Canvas page. If you do not identify as neurodivergent, we ask that you do not use the Canvas site, and instead sign up for the list-serv (below).

Neurodiversity listserv

This listserv is open to all community members (neurotypical and neurodivergent) who want to receive information and share relevant resources and events.

To join the listserv:

  • Send an email to neurodiversity-at-Cornell-l-request@cornell.edu
  • On the subject line, type: “join”
  • Don’t write anything on the body of the email Engagement opportunities:

One-on-one counseling and support for students

This service is available for any Cornell student. We are happy to talk to you about your specific concerns and address your questions. Please contact:

  • Sarah Bonawitz (sb2545), to learn about working with Student Disability Services
  • Emily McClintock for psychological support & referrals (schedule through Cornell Health)
  • or Florencia Ardon (fa227) to discuss learning strategies (schedule an appointment)

Workshops on demand

We offer workshops tailored to the needs of your association, club, department… Topics range from accommodations and supports for neurodivergent students; what is neurodiversity, how to be an ally, learning strategies for neurodivergent students, life skills, etc.

To request a workshop:

  • Send an email to Sarah Bonawitz (sb2545) for workshops related to accommodations and supports
  • Send an email to Florencia Ardon (fa227) for workshops on learning strategies
  • Or to either one for other topics.

Neurodiversity Ambassadors

Join other students, faculty and staff! As a Neurodiversity Ambassador, you can help us:

  • Enhance understanding about experiences and needs of the neurodivergent community @ Cornell
  • Advocate for inclusive Cornell experiences
  • Create programs and design interventions that support neurodivergent students, faculty and/or staff
  • To join: Please email Flor (fa227)