Top 10 tips from LSC Tutors:


  1. Give yourself enough time to ask questions to professors and TAs.
  2. Study a little of each subject each day.
  3. Eat and sleep– an exam is not worth your health.
  4. Review past prelims and the mistakes you made.
  5. Do difficult practice problems and work through them to get an answer before asking for help. It doesn’t matter if the answer is wrong, the ability to work through difficult problems is key to prelims and finals.
  6. Start early! You’ll be surprised at how much you remember if you’re not in a frenzy to recall a semester’s worth of dense material.
  7. Knowing the material isn’t enough — you have to know how to apply it to the problems given to you on the exam.
  8. Try to teach the material to others to make sure that you understand concepts. If you cannot teach something, then you don’t really understand it.
  9. Take breaks and try to exercise, it will help you focus better while you are studying.
  10. Keep a positive attitude