Learn More About Integrative Knowledge e-Portfolios

Represent yourself in your own words, images, sounds!

Integrative Knowledge e-Portfolios encourage and support you as you recognize connections across different parts of your life, including classes, community service, internships, work experiences and beyond.


Guided integrative learning provides opportunities to identify, reflect on and synthesize knowledge and skills we have that come from all areas of our lives. The e-Portfolio contains sets of questions that help us unpack this knowledge and a template in which we can present it – and revise it and share it.

To get started you need to

  1. Request a Digication ePortfolio by contacting Academic Technologies at  acadtech@cornell.edu and request joining the LSC ePortfolio community


Before you continue and follow the instructions below, please be sure that you have contacted Academic Technologies to request a Digication ePortfolio account and request to join the LSC Portfolio Community.

If you have not received this confirmation, please contact Academic Technologies at acadtech@cornell.edu, request a Digication account and request to be added to the LSC Portfolio Community. Once you have received your confirmation, please read and follow these instructions:

  1. After receiving confirmation that your request has been processed
  2. You can use the Getting Started with your LSC-IK ePortfolio(PDF) or (http://blogs.cornell.edu/lsc)


Schedule an informal meeting with the folks at the Learning Strategies Center who can help you get started (learningstrategiescenter@cornell.edu).

One way to begin developing content for your E portfolio is to participate in an informal interview with a colleague, as demonstrated in this video of a generative knowledge interview.

Generative Knowledge Interview Demonstration