Physics Winter Workshop FAQ

Physics Preparation Workshop Course FAQ – January 2023

The Winter Session Physics Prep Workshop is a free, not-for-credit opportunity for students who will take Phys 1112 this spring to improve proficiency and confidence with fundamental math skills and concepts that are necessary for the course. It is taught by an experienced LSC faculty member who works with students taking physics courses. 

What will students learn?
Students will review and practice vital math skills and concepts from algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus that are needed to analyze and solve physics problems. Major ideas from the Physics 1112 course curriculum will also be introduced. 

Why take this workshop?
Though all learners have the potential to succeed in the field of physics, it is a challenging subject. Over the years, we have observed that students who have more expert and immediate command of the underlying mathematical concepts have a distinct advantage while learning physics. They are more able to focus on the physical significance of the content that they are learning when compared with peers who are trying to both learn physics concepts and master math skills at the same time. Make the most of Phys 1112 this spring by acing the math beforehand! 

What are the logistics of Physics Prep?
The course will take place virtually, with both synchronous and asynchronous components, from January 3rd – January 20th. There will be synchronous classes on Mon/Wed/Fri from 10:30 – 11:30 am (tentative), with additional individual work and opportunities for small group collaboration outside of class, summing to a time commitment of ~15 hr/wk. 

Is there a cost?
This not-for-credit workshop is free to all participants, and nothing will go on a student’s transcript. Any time spent can be viewed as an investment in future success in Phys 1112! 

Who is Physics Prep for?
This workshop should be considered by self-motivated students who will take Phys 1112 this spring and who are concerned about the intensity or pace of that course, are questioning their level of prior preparation in math and/or physics, or who wish to build confidence after a challenging first semester. Students who participate should feel that having some structure and commitment over break will be useful for them. 

How can students register to participate?
Students can declare their interest in the course by completing this Qualtrics form:
Advisors and faculty may also refer students to the instructor via email. 

How can I learn more?
For additional information on the course, you can reach out directly via email to the course instructor, Jim Baker (