Study Partner Matching is Back!

Students work together outside Goldwin Smith Hall during the first day of classes.

LSC can help match you with study partners for your Spring 2021 classes!

In the fall, over 1,100 matches were made for 800 students (from freshmen to seniors) in 375 courses (in every college and at every level)!

Why did so many of you sign up? Because you know that studying with peers is an effective way to learn complex and challenging material and helps you connect with each other – something that can be especially difficult with in-person physical distancing, online and hybrid courses, and when you are spread across the globe.

New for Spring 2021! Once you are matched up, your group may want to meet with an LSC study skills tutor to help facilitate introductions and get you launched. Self-enroll in the study skills tutors’ Canvas site to see when drop-in hours are held, you can show up any time that works for your group.

Are you ready to sign up for a study partner? Click here to visit our “Find Study Partners” page or click on the button below.

Learn More About Study Partners

Do study partners and study groups work? YES! Take a look at what your peers had to say about…

… connecting with other students:

  • “I was so grateful to actually meet someone in my asynchronous class! Now more than ever, this one personal connection to the school was so important to keep me motivated and present.”
  • “The LSC study partner matching is very helpful especially if you are more introverted during this period where classes are mostly online.”
  • “It was helpful to just have a support system with another student especially in a course with such limited student interaction by default.”

… learning complex and challenging material:

  • “I learned a lot from just talking, seeing a different perspective in the class and building my own understanding on the topics.”
  • “We were able to go over homework and things together, so it was very helpful to have two perspectives to reference.”
  • “It helped me gauge how in depth I was supposed to know the material for my class, and it helps a lot to work together when you get stuck.”

Study partners are just one way for you get help in your courses when you need it. Check out some other academic support resources here.

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