Homestretch Calendar Spring 2023

Create a “Homestretch Calendar”

Plan out the last few weeks of the semester with a “home-stretch calendar” (Word or PDF)! Calendars are an important tool for getting yourself organized and identifying and keeping on top of your crunch times. They can also keep you focused. What should you put on your “home stretch” calendar?

  • important events
  • prelim & final exams dates
  • due dates of papers & other assignments
  • meetings and other events

Develop a Plan to Finish Strong

It’s hard to believe the semester is almost over! Great job with all of your hard work so far this semester! It’s important to take a step back and acknowledge the work you’ve done and the successes (big and small) that you’ve had this fall. The LSC is here to help you think through the steps that will work for you. Explore resources and tips from study skills experts and LSC tutors to help you finish the semester strong.

Looking for Other Calendars?

  • Spring 2023 Semester Calendar – On your semester calendar: physically list out all of your exams, major assignments, projects, and other important due dates. (Include major personal events, too.) This helps you see the big picture of the semester and learn in advance what your crunch times will be.
  • Many students also use a weekly planner to map out their schedule and find hidden time.
  • Check out the LSC pages on “Finding Your Academic Groove,” which includes resources on time management.
  • For all pdf, excel and word document versions of the semester and weekly calendars, click here.


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