Study Skills Workshop for Students

Stop by 420 CCC for a walk in, no appointment necessary peer consult.  Tuesdays 9am-12pm.  Come for advice on how to plan your semester, each week, and special weeks leading up to prelims and exams.  Don’t forget, you need a strategy for ending the semester strong too!  Need help organizing your studying?  Come and see us to learn more about blank page testing, the five day study plan, etc!


If you’d like a study skills workshop for your class, group, club, or organization, please email Dr. Barbara Oh ( to make a request.

Once you arrive at our workshop, please log your attendance here:

Or Scan the following QR code:

Study Skills Modules – Skills for Academic Success

Cornell students can self-enroll in our Canvas modules on “Gearing Up for Academic Success”, “Managing Space and Time”, and “Taking Effective Notes”.

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