Supplemental BIO

BIOG 1035 in support of BIOMG 1350  – NOT OFFERED IN FALL 2019

What can I expect from the supplemental biology course? 

Section under construction, please check back soon.


Student Testimonials:

Students over the years have provided feedback from course evaluations and surveys that instructors:

  • provide extra problems and practice
  • provide practice prelims
  • are more accessible due to the smaller class environment and at office hours
  • have additional office hours and peer tutoring at which students feel comfortable asking questions
  • outlined the most important information
  • give good overviews covering tough materials and provide reinforcement of difficult concepts
  • provide weekly discussion beyond readings
  • explain materials in a variety of ways using different formats
  • make the material interesting, engaging, and informative
  • are knowledgeable
  • help students understand materials to improve performance


Where can I get more information?

Please contact the Learning Strategies Center.


Biology tutoring is available in Fall 2019.  Please find the tutoring schedule here.