Study Groups

Peer Facilitated Study Groups

Many students find that studying challenging course material with other students enhances their learing.

The Learning Strategies Center coordinates peer faciliated study groupsfor several courses at Cornell. Please contact the LSC at (607) 255-6310 for more information about courses this semester that include LSC-supported study groups.

Make Your Own Study Group

Students may also want to form their own study groups, and the LSC can help with that.


-Tips for setting up your own study groups, and working effectively as a group (video below, summary here)

Sample Study Group Agenda(pdf)
-Tips for creating an agenda (video below, summary here)

A facilitated study group develops their “rules of engagement”:

A facilitated study group works on creating a group-generated summary:

Many thanks to LSC study group leaders for their work on these videos! Zhongming Chen, Denzel Faulkner, Brant Lai, Sheena Patel, Sachin Rudraraju, Emily Wessling, Laura Wu