Study Groups

Forming a Study Group


Learning with a group of peers is a powerful tool! Study groups are a place to work on challenging concepts and learn from each other. Sometimes other students have questions you didn’t even know you have, and setting a regular time and place to study can help with procrastination. Plus, explaining material to other students is a great way to solidify your knowledge.

  • 3-5 members is good for most study groups, but plan for attrition/scheduling issues and start your group with 6-8 people.
  • Although you may be most comfortable studying with  friends, a study group can be a place to work with people who don’t think like you. This can be challenging but also rewarding, helping you learn better.
  • Establish group expectations and ground rules about things like phone use, being late, food, etc. This might feel  awkward, but important to maintain a group that functions well.
  • Here are more tips for setting up your study group.
  • Take a few minutes to set a group agenda at the start of each meeting. Here’s more info about how to set a study group agenda, and also a sample study group agenda.

Need help finding other students to be in a study group?

  • The Tatkon Center for First-Year Students in Balch Hall is helping organize study groups for first year students. Once formed, groups will be self-managing. Sign up at this link by 2/8/18.