Elise West

Senior Lecturer and Research Associate

Elise West earned her Ph.D. and her Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology from Cornell University. She also earned a BS in Biological Sciences from Cornell. Elise was the Learning Strategies Center’s director from 2008 – 2016; she also served as the Center’s academic associate director from 2005 – 2008. Prior to joining the LSC, Elise was Assistant Director of Academic Affairs for Cornell’s Division of Nutrition Sciences, where she initiated and implemented changes to the curriculum and the academic advising program to enhance student outcomes.

In the summer Elise is offering a course to a select group of students in which they will develop new skills and different approaches to learning to enhance their academic success. Students will discover how to find hidden time in their schedules and avoid procrastination; they will explore helpful methods of test preparation and test taking, as well as effective techniques for getting the most out of textbooks and lectures. Students will use online resources, participate in active workshops and work collaboratively in groups. Every student will begin a portfolio this summer to chronicle their academic journeys that they can continue to add to throughout their school years. Students are invited to participate and include rising sophomores from New York City high schools.

Contact Info:

420 CCC