Supplemental BIO

Comments from students in prior LSC supplemental biology courses:

“The questions provided each week really helped me focus on what I needed to for the exams. The practice prelims helped as well.”

“Dr. Goodloe covered a lot of the areas in a clear way, and talked at a good pace so that it was easy to take good notes.”

“The office hours and the tutors provided a very supportive environment to ask questions.”

“The smaller class environment and subsequently being able to ask questions and the extra repetition of the material greatly helped reinforce concepts I had overlooked.”

“The descriptions of charts, graphs, and diagrams from the text are great!”

“Extra problems especially about genetics were really helpful.”

“Students can freely ask questions. There’s more interaction with instructor and students.”

“Discussing all the biochemistry…helped, as opposed to just reading it.”

“[The instructor] makes the material interesting.”

“[The instructor] gave a good overview…we covered most of the tough unit material… going over the objectives thoroughly.”

“The 00 teacher is an amazing and knowledgeable fellow; he really knows his stuff!.”

“It was good to engage in the material for an extra hour every week and the practice prelims were very helpful.”

“[The instructor] answered all our questions and outlined the most important information.”

“[The instructor] was organized and made the material very understandable. I always felt comfortable asking questions..”

“This is good! Classes were always very interesting and very informative.”

“This class helped me understand the material and get a better grade.”


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