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Learning Strategies Center

LSC Reading Lab

The Learning Strategies Centerís reading lab is a free service for Cornell students.

As a Cornell student, you may work in the reading lab in the following ways:

-Personal Reading Consultation: You can work one on one with the Learning Labs Coordinator to discuss your reading habits and develop strategies for becoming an effective learner. During this consultation, you will learn how to: (1) preview texts and look at the information in a new way; (2) keep the professorís purpose for the reading in mind; and (3) develop a plan for each assignment. This component of the reading lab program will help you become a self-reflective learner; students report that participation in these consultations has changed the way they study.

-Reading faster and retaining more information: You can work one on one with a peer mentor to (1) guide you through different speed-reading and retention techniques; and (2) work with your course texts. Students find these weekly individual 20-minute sessions useful, and many double their reading speed after 6 visits to the lab.

To schedule a reading lab appointment, please contact Helen Ann Yunis at:

LSC Reading Lab peer tutors share how to read with purpose, preview, and a plan:

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